Geocom - The Team

More than 80 employees in seven locations in Switzerland and Germany

Enthusiasm, commitment, competence and long-time industry expertise form the foundation of Geocom’s successful market position. The wide spectrum of qualifications of our team includes engineers, environmental and geo-scientists, computer science specialists and programmers as well as many other professionals.

Add to this the skills and qualifications of our sister companies in the VertiGIS family, which help us ensure the delivery of high-performing GIS solutions.

Management Switzerland

Tim Börner

Christoph Spörri
Product Management

Bettina Ademi

Bastian Arnold
Sales & Marketing

Daniela Struchen
Implementation Services

Urs Dennler

Geocom LogoThomas Buchmann
Operational Services

Management Germany

Dr. Heiko Willenbacher

Jürgen Lutz
Department of Industry

Robert Mollwo
Department of Energy and Water Management

Babak Toloue-Tehrani
Department of Transport and Logistics

Carsten Schäfer
Department of Pipeline


Tim Börner | CEO Switzerland
Tim Börner
CEO Switzerland
+41 31 561 53 00


Dr. Heiko Willenbacher | CEO Germany
Dr. Heiko Willenbacher
CEO Germany
+49 89 839315 000