Red Dot functionality for inspection videos in WebOffice

Iwona Woloszyn
Iwona Woloszyn
September 23, 2019

Red Dot functionality for inspection videos in WebOffice

With the upcoming release of GEONIS 2017 Service Pack 2, inspection videos can be seamlessly integrated into GEONIS Sewer System workflows.

Urban drainage should avoid any damage to water, soil, plants and animals. The necessary renewals as well as the optimal operation of the facilities are among the most important tasks of the network operator. In order to maintain the functionality of the sewer system, conduits and structures must be inspected at regular intervals. With a remote-controlled camera, which is moved or pushed through the channel, it is possible to determine the condition of the conduit as well as the exact location, depth and type of conduit damage. The resulting large amounts of data should be managed and evaluated in the best possible way in order to be able to precisely plan the costs and the type of rehabilitation to be carried out.

The GEONIS Sewer System solution offers a comprehensive management tool for these condition and inspection data. The data to be inspected can be transferred to transport companies via interfaces at the click of a mouse. Just as conveniently, the data can be read back into GEONIS. This data can be further evaluated in GEONIS and made available to all parties involved. The GEP engineers, municipalities, cities, waterworks etc. can access the inspection videos via WebOffice.

Thanks to the Red Dot functionality, which has now been implemented in Service Pack 2 for GEONIS Sewer System, conduit damage can be located interactively and accurately on the map.

Would you like to seamlessly integrate your inspection videos into your workflows? We are here for you.

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